Op deze pagina komt u korte citaten tegen van verschillende mensen over Fethullah Gülen:

[acc_item title=”PROF RICHARD PENASKOVIC, AUBURN UNIVERSITY, USA”]Where Huntington thinks in terms of polarities, Islam or the West in conflict with one another, Gülen opts for a more holistic view of global politics. Gülen sees Islam and the West working together in a harmonious fashion. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”BILL PARK, KING’S COLLEGE, UK”]According to Gülen, Turkish Islam’s more flexible, adaptable, spiritual and less doctrinal traditions have enabled Republican Turkey and Turkish society more broadly, with its democratization, free market economy, and secular political system, to incorporate aspects of modernity to an extent barely found elsewhere in the Muslim world. All this very much accords with Gülen’s vision of an Islamic, but modern and progressive, Turkey of the future.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”MARIE ELISABETH MAIGRE, LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS, UK”]Gülen’s cultural and religious influence on both the business and political classes within the Islamic movement has driven the moderation of political Islam and open the way toward the integration into the new reality of globalization where the frontier between religion and business are blurred and those notions are brought together within a new conception of Culture.[/acc_item]


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